I Love Spending Time With You pt 2

Valentine's weekend update. So how did it go? As I said the whole smoochy Valentine's weekend abroad thing was getting on my melon a little, not to mention bang in the way of my street cred. Five minutes into my eurostar journey en route to meet my girl in Paris THAT Haddaway tune inexplicably comes onto my ipod for the first time in 6 years, and as I walk down the carriage to settle my nerves with a triple espresso, I see these guys.

It was like a scene out of freaking Inception. I started bumming hardcore, weirdly caffeine did nothing to help. What the hell was expected of me on Valentine's Weekend in the City of Lovers shacked up in L'Hotel De L'Amour? No pressure there then. The cringe factor was making my head explode and I hadn't even memorized any poetry. 4 days later I can look back at our mini trip with no small amount of sweet memories. So how did it go? 

I'd say a lot like this:

For all you lowlives who jump to sordid conclusions, that clip was in no way a reference to what you think it was. And yes I know what protection is, I take that shit seriously. Parisians don't celebrate Valentine's Day and are all such romantic fools anyway that traipsing the streets arm in arm managed to be cringey without actually being at all cringey. It was ridiculously awesome, I hold my hands up I enjoyed every minute. So much so I've had to load up my plate with a little potato dauphinoise, some lightly sauteed haricot verts, a slither of dijon and all my words.

What I'm trying to say is I've agreed to eat my words.

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