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This year's Tour de France is in full-on countdown mode, and I'm so excited I need to go to the bathroom on a regular basis. This is a video of one of the gnarliest crashes in recent Tour history, during the first stage of the 1994 race. The sprint to the finish line of each flat stage is the culmination of over 5hours of hard pounding through the french countryside, and sees the most explosive riders ramp up to over 65km/h in a suicidal race to the finish. As they attacked the line that year it just so happened that one retard of a Gendarme with his camera was too busy trying to get the money shot to realize he was standing smack in the path of the oncoming juggernaut. Belgian rider Wilfried Nelissen was on the receiving end of this hairbrained stupidity, and sadly barely raced again. Just watch.

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