Houses That Look Like Toys

All kneel at the altar of Kate.

German Fields From The Window Of A Train

The German fields are flat, scattered with houses that look like toys. There's snow on the ground, melting. It looks like the grass is protecting her modesty, caught by surprise on her way out the shower.

I'm imagining a time when we are both older, and very successful, when we'll meet in European cities after long months apart and make love for three days and drink copiously and talk gently.

We'll eat together in empty cafes and drink together in crowded bars, we'll sit at corner tables, and we won't talk about the past and I won't feel ashamed watching you dance, even though i'll still be shit at dancing, because i'll be confident then, and much more convinced of your affection for me.

We'll lie in top floor apartments in the interesting parts of cities. We'll wake up, in love with each other, and walk the streets, not saying much. When we're asked questions by strangers, I'll shrug my shoulders and smile apologetically because it will only be you who can speak the languages.

There will be balance, and a satisfying heartache in me, just enough of you to keep me from killing myself with booze. More than this, your body to wake beside.

I watch the German trees with their branches like frayed rope, and I imagine us older, quieter, happier - hand in hand.


  1. Made me think of this badger:

  2. looks like u really understood the nuances of the piece. nigerian romantic comedies. big. is that ridley rd?