In A Bit

Robert Frost said

Sometimes the only way out, for the time being, is... out.

I wrote something about happiness recently. 

The vague gist of it was to disregard happiness, and perhaps aim lower. I don't know if i believe absolutely in what i wrote, but something seems clear to me now. When you're wandering the Gobi desert of positive emotions, a drink from the oasis of happiness seems like a nice pitstop. I'm off on my bicycle. Seeing the world from a bike is my favourite thing in the world. It doesn't give you all the answers. If you go away for just this purpose you might fall short.

Answers won't magically appear lying in wait over the crest of some hill.

But more than anything what you find is the space to ask the right questions.

To add to this, you realign yourself with some really fucking fundamentally important things that you so easily lose touch with, things that if we're not careful we're in danger of not realising we were ever without. Nature, daybreaks, sunsets, solitude, silence. And many things in between.

t o u r i n g  t i m e

My friend Laura's father sent her this letter, which she gave me permission to share.

If you do nothing else, watch this.

Don't worry about me mummy. Before you're old and grey i'll make you proud of me.

Love, before i'm old and grey i'll do you proud.

Lyndawg before we're old and grey we'll go for that fucking beer.

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