Calls The Choon

Some crusty old dude with a minimal wardrobe but a tight moustache-flex who managed to single-handedly liberate an entire sub-continent from the greedy clutches of the British empire without so much as lifting a finger out of aggression, once said...

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Well i spent a large part of this morning trying to style out the hernia that exploded out of my stomach-lining like something out of 45 minutes into Alien, the moment i clocked that one of the most incredible tunes any crass monday morning of April might ever have the luxury of being graced with, was not on motherfucking youtube. So i took Mahatma the high-souled, the venerable at his word and became the change i wanted to see in the world. I uploaded the fucker onto the internet. So that others might love what i also love, or more accurately that they be schooled in the physics of supremely dope tunage.

Ca Tape Dur, by Starflam

Belgian hiphop at its most krunkin.

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