Watched this in disbelief sent by my man G. It's a 'Persistence Hunt' of a male Kudu antelope by tribesman of the San in the Kalahari Desert of Africa, from an old school Attenborough BBC special.

'During the Persistence Hunt the antelope is not shot from a distance, but run down in the searing midday heat. Hunters of the central Kalahari can chase Kudu for as long as five hours over 35 km in temperatures of 40°C. Running on two feet over long distances is more efficient than four - BIG - as man's extra limbs can be used to carry water. By tracking it at fast running pace the hunter catches up with the Kudu before it has enough time to rest in the shade. The animal is repeatedly chased and tracked until it is too wiped to continue running, and the hunter then kills it at close range with a spear.' Nextlevel.

Although why he didn't hitch a lift to the local 7Eleven beats the hell outta me. On high wattage, those Rib sandwiches from Rustler's are ready to go in 70 seconds flat.


  1. remember when we got stoned one sunday and watched some nature program on mute with some of my music playing in the background n whenever the two coincided kind of nicely we both looked round like.. 'woah... that shit was i n t e n s e.'