In the post below - where Cristiano Ronaldo gets munched for being a twat - I said I'd mention a little something about my pal Leon. An avid follower of dropthebeatonit, Leon's a force of oriental nature and worthy of an entire blog - let alone one measly blogpost - dedicated solely to his being. So this is the part where I give a little something back to the fanbase, by profiling my readership. And here he is..

Enter the Dragon:

Leon's from China, and he's clinically addicted to dim-sum. Which isn't all that surprising really, given that his mother Mrs Ho has single-handedly developed one of the most closely guarded dim-sum recipes in the western hemisphere.

One which Leon guards with his life.

But when he's not protecting the key to his family's livelyhood, and doing a bit of steaming of his own, Leon puts on a stellar music night in London known as Simmer with a few pals.

It's always a hoot. Check the facebook page here for upcoming nights.


So look out for Leon and say hi, an upstanding cat and friendly to boot. But whatever happens steer clear of mentioning "Thwa Spwecial Wecipeeee". 

He mastered in Shaolin Swordstyles and is not afraid to use them.

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