Biggin It Up

Yesterday i was exchanging ghetto parlances with Paul my main man from graphic's class..

When he hit me clean out the park with something i'd never heard before. 

Big up your chest D. BIG IT UP! 

Staring blankly at the screen and quickly reddening in the face, i Google'd the expression and let the Urban Dictionary do the rest.

WTF. How could this have passed me by? Granted my involvement in dnb chatrooms has never been that dedicated, but I did spend a good three years in the early noughties tearing up DnB dancefloors nationwide, and not once did i get approached by anybody wanting to big up my chest. Then my brother waded in and cleared up the whole situation, dropping some immortal bombs from his mentor the late great Stevie Hyper D.

Clearly i wasn't screwface enough for that kinda treatment.

RIP Stevie Hyper

... and BIGUP yer CHEST

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