Nothing Really Musars

Chateau Musar is a unique red wine from the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, 30 clicks east of the capital Beirut. The grapes are grown in a sunny fertile valley at a high altitude of 1000 metres, making a nectar of unimaginable sophistication and awesomeness. 

So it was with no small amount of difficulty that i narrowly succeeded in concealing my boner a few weeks back when the man at the wine shop on Old St divulged that he had some half bottles of said wine recently acquired and chilling to perfection on his shelves, of a quite delightful vintage.

I laid down some benjamins and walked out with a '98.


Under his instructions i uncorked that mutha, poured it into my goblet of choice, and sat down to trawl through an hour of YouTube while i let that badman breathe.

Then i found this.

And forgot about the wine completely. Everything else was rendered meaningless, Lebanese grapes went and fucked themselves, and Teahupoo became the sole purpose of my life. I got myself a first-class ticket to Bedfordshire, changing platforms at Chopshire, bagged a window seat and fell into deep slumber, a sleep peppered by the symphony of breaking waves.

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