Addicted To Bass

This is Eddie, the legend who works in the local dry cleaners up on Hackney Road.

I spotted this safe tat on his forearm the other day and asked him what it meant.

He said it was Arabic for 'prisoner to music'.

I struggled hard to act surprised. With the amount of Celine and Britney that man pumps out of his speakers on the daily, i'd say prisoner to music is about spot-on. Hey if Mick Hucknall plans a comeback anytime soon, i'd say it's a dead cert Eddie's headed straight to solitary.


  1. The legend has an extra letter in there so it actually says 'Slave to...' and then a word that makes no sense. Smacked it!

  2. haha yeah makes sense i asked him how it was pronounced and the guy didn't have a clue he doesn't speak arabic