Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

Last week was interesting. Like a mesmerising sonata it began with a subtle teasing and tickling of the aural-receptors before spicing up jalfrezi-style and rising to an ear-shattering crescendo.

First off some bell manages to lock his bike to mine instead of to the cycle-locking thing. As well as the depressing realisation of the hair's breadth in intellect between some of us and a special-needs goldfish, i'm also unable to do any of the shit i'd envisaged doing that day like riding into central to eat falafel.

The next day some even bigger bell cleaves through my kryptonite chord and makes off with my bike wheels. Good times.

The following evening bell number three steals my bag from under my feet in a pub in Notting Hill. 

Which contains my laptop, camera, books, and Vicks nasal inhaler. 

(luckily i have a spare at home)

Seeing about two and a half grands worth of stuff disappear in less than 24 hours in the dead of winter is approaching rockbottom on the funkadelic metre. But my rage at inanimate objects exorcised itself completely the last time my computer lost power halfway through an 8GB Milf Mia youporn download. Expending energy on the loss of stuff that is all replaceable because of a sweet insurance loophole is baloney. Porn downloads aside, at the end of the day nobody died. And starting anew every so often obliges you to say goodbye to the shit you didn't clock you never needed in the first place. As the man Mos Def contends..

'we must rip the script and flip it to keep ourselves challenged'

My brother thinks i should have passive-aggressive tattooed on my forehead. I never know what that means, but by his rationale just because i don't choose to kick walls-in it doesn't mean i'm not angry. So the rage is there somewhere, i'm just a master at the art of internalising it. It's bubbling under. Like i should have some mind-control shit going down or something. Which leads me nicely onto my next point.

Look what i did this morning.


i'll see you fools in the next X-men movie.

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