Super Hero Lattes

oh gawsh more from Starbucks.

'Introducing the new standard of latte'

Guess what dickheads, the new standard of latte is exactly the same as the old standard of latte, which is another way of saying that for three quid you'll be the lucky recipent of an over-frothed watered-down airy cup of liquid scum straight out of the bin-juice family. I can hear some of you quizically mulling over why the fuck i keep going to Starbucks.

I can think of four reasons. Firstly this absolute honey works in my local and unlike most of the recluses in there she smiles once in a while and could probably walk in straight line without falling over if you asked her. Secondly i like the bottles of iced coffee frappuccino they sell. Next up without the sour the sweet can never be so sweet, and spending a maximum of three minutes in there every morning brightens up my day in the knowlegde that were it to get any worse somebody would at least have to die. Last but by no means least, what other coffee house can have pretentions of serving up coffee expertly made by..


G R E E N  A P R O N


Look out for their barristas in the next Marvel Comics movie. No doubt they'll be busting around the place dodging lighting bolts from Magneto whilst serving up their new standards of Latte to the panick-stricken and pretty confused public.

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