Dog House Part 3

It seems the Dog House post of a few days ago - this one - divided opinion somewhat. 

Turns out the act of publicising a private email didn't go down very well with a few people. 

See below for example.

I feel any issue that sparks some healthy debate is to be encouraged, so if any more of you want to air your views please don't hesitate to send me an email or a facebook message and i will be sure to put it up here.


  1. I have enjoyed the wit of these posts: however, if you would like the exit the doghouse, try
    1)holiday to Paris, Barcelona, Berlin etc
    2)flowers, chocolates (GOOD ONES try Rococco, anything Ecuadorian min 60%)
    3) Some sort of expensive jewellery (Asprey is nice, Tiffany naff)

  2. nice one much appreciated. but actually behind this badass exterior i'm a massive pussy who gives her most of this shit on the daily. and i gotta go with the Dime bar.


    team S x