Fine Dining

When you spend the entire period of festive tearup on your Jack Jones, i can vouch there are times when Christmas being a time of giving kicks some butt. Never more so than when you're on the receiving end of a parcel like this.

Crisis At Christmas Gangsta Meal For One

courtesy of my main man G-nut.

g a w s h

Shit gets kicked off with an iced mini bottle of Cudinot Cuvée Brut

and while i baste the fuck out of a prime time Fresh Class A British Oakham Poussin

the Classic Claret Bordeaux is decanted into a double shot glass

Poussin without prime veg is like a day without sunshine

& to finish a fully illegal Family + Mate free Christmas Pudding

It's in hard times when true friends step up to the plate. 

Bigup son.

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