Just A Greggular Guy

Without Gregg '2 Gs' Wallace the Masterchef final would've been just another lousy cook off between three hapless mugs hardly worthy of a repeat on Dave Ja Vu.

But the Greggmaster changed all that. Never a boring minute in the Masterchef kitchen when Gregg's facial muscles are twitching in reaction to the chefs' mention of what pudding they're lining up for him to gorge himself on. In fact you could have watched the whole thing on mute and still understood what exact type of sweet treat was in the pipeline, purely from the expression on Gregg's rotund face.

Here's the back end of the chefs' three course menus through the medium of Gregg's gurning.

Calvados parfait with mocha tuile

Vodka and buttermilk panna cotta with seasonal berries

Chocolate fondant with green olive and coconut merangue melt

Black treacle tart with spiced ice cream and roasted crab apples

Shitloads of snickers bars dipped in maple syrup

Gregg for President.


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