Bump & Grimes

At the end of last year i swallowed my pride and copped a feel to see what all the fuss was about.

2 months later i don't think there's one thing of hers on youtube i haven't seen over ten times, or an update on her tumblr i haven't psychotically scanned and memorised. I wouldn't want to get with her, merely to be in the same room and lurk in the corner studying her, that would be enough. Anybody who shamelessly digs Justin Bieber and at the same time cites a Jedi Mind Tricks record as her favourite album of all time must have something going on.

That and she makes all her own music, to the most minute barely audible decibel. 

Here's a tune called Be A Body. Plug yourself into some sweet phonez and listen out for 2:17.

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