Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso are the greatest band you'll have never heard of.

They played their first London gig ever in Hackney last night.

It was gangsta.

One of those gigs that live long in the memory, because the venue is small and feels intimate, and the band are new enough to be obviously bamboozled by the adoration of the crowd, and seeing as they've only made one album it was short and sweet and the right side of an hour, and you could buy those dinky fucking half-pint cans of brooklyn that were ice cold and are too small to go flat so you can sink them like a pro and dance around like a dweeb.

More satisfying than anything was bumping into the dude two hours before the gig in Marks & Spencer, and having a fifteen minute conversation about how much he wished he could find M&S stateside, that that kind of store just doesn't exist in america, and how much he dug their quinoa salad but right now he wasn't on that tip and was craving potato chips and a twix. He seemed remarkably well-informed for a dude from North Carolina. We then had that awkward moment where you line up next to each other in the queue and clock each other but don't say anything. The queue was long. I took this photo of him whilst pretending to send a text message. He definitely noticed.

This is their really famous single Coffee.

And the best tune on the album Uncatena.

This mp3 code thing came with the LP, so the first person to read this who gives a fuck can download the album for free.

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