Looks Like Nelly Furtado

If you haven't watched it for a while, crap on your weekend plans and get balls-deep. 

Apart from maybe Shawshank on a sunday night I don't think anything comes close, ever.

All-time favourite Office moment. Is actually from the deleted scenes.

Gareth: I got two birds on the go at the same time and... it's getting me down.

Brent: ... no one here?

Gareth: No. Met 'em up Chasers.

(Brent looks faux-worriedly to camera)

Gareth: and one of them is an absolute stunner..

Brent: Weeell... what's your definition of 'stunner'? (looks to camera)

Gareth: Looks like Nelly Furtado...

Brent raises eyebrows..

Gareth: .. except not as annoying.

(Brent darting look to camera, eyelids half-closed in knowing recognition): Sure.

It's the 'SURE' that KILLS ME.

I genuinely can't handle it.

The Office is a level above.

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