There's A Storm Coming

Kate inthahouse.

Alien freak otherworldly Queen of Wisdom steps in for Gilles Peterson and hits up 6Music with a three hour set of her favourite beats. If you're the type who can plug into something this long while you work, it's a proper journey. You don't even need to be into hiphop. In there is Janis Joplin, Dylan, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Bjork. And a whole heap of incredible rap. More importantly, all the tracks are diluted by interludes of Kate's wisdom and her opinions on what makes the music she loves so freaking great. Merci Skye.

Check the rhyme here.


  1. the vid of the ed sullivan show live version of the janis joplin maybe track she plays is worth it's own post me thinks

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  3. yeah i looked at that Joplin thing. it was a damp squib. maybe i looked at the wrong video. plus i get perturbed by not knowing who the fuck i'm writing to. fuck is JC?