Yagga Yagga Yagga

You can't ask for more in life than a really fucking beautiful day.

I'd say today just about applies. I woke up here

Sue me, i've got a great arse and an incredibly long invisible selfie-stick.


Anyway that time of year when christmas present thank-yous start getting rude and dawn starts getting to work earlier and when, one day, this much sun decides to fill the sky, it's pretty much that time of year when dropthebeatonit starts tediously and mercilessly and unflappably heralding.... 

t h e   a r r i v a l    o f    s p r i n g

And guess what.

Because i did work experience for BBC WEATHER back in the DAY yo.


Here's also where i drop my incredible collection of spring artworks fashioned back in 2013.

Anyway, it's here motherfuckers. No doubt about it.

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