6 Cycle Commandments

Every time my mother waves me goodbye wailing about bike lights and for God's sake being careful darling please i want grandchildren, i always tell her the same thing. On my dangerously deficient top-trump card of talents, the riding a bike around London stat is a healthy 98Being a bike messenger for 3 years gives you a pretty good understanding of the way the city works when you're on a bicycle. To assuage her maternal fear, i remind her of this point:

It's something i believe very strongly in. 

It comes down to this simple fact. Don't do retarded shit on a bike, and cycling in London is not dangerous. It's about learning not to put yourself into dangerous situations. Like a 38 year old Paolo Maldini making up for his lack of pace by knowing exactly where the ball will go. The more you cycle, the more you know how to read the road.

Now with spring in the air, a whole lot of bicycles that have lain dormant over the winter will be dusted off and oiled up for the coming months. In lieu of this - and aided by my design guru SwaggerlikeGus - I came up with 6 Cycling Commandments to bear in mind every time you get on your wheels and go for a London-centric spin. 

Basically the most important things i've learnt over a decade of cycling around this incredible city.



We printed it out into a dinky little leaflet, a kind of collectable poster vibe, and we're going to see if we can get it mass-printed and hang it on lots of people's handlebars, so they can throw it away without looking at it and generally annoy the shit out of street-sweepers already going mental with all the plane-tree seeds fucking up their shit everywhere.

r i d e  s a f e  y o

- but more importantly ride rad -

(but safe)