Went for a sweet birthday dinner with my old man on monday. Shooting the breeze, munching our way through Heston's very reasonably priced take on Salmagundi, he told me he'd liked the post i'd written about love, which i'd sent him seeing as he was mentioned in it, knowing full well he'd appreciate the limelight on my fly as hell blog.

Apart from that crap you wrote about the septic tank. That was bullshit, he said. 

I looked at him in consternation. That was a direct quote from you, i rallied. 

Me? I never said that. How could i have? It's a ridiculous assertion. You said a septic tank, i retorted. I remember it perfectly. I said a water tank you idiot. Not a stagnant, septic tank. How on earth could love be stagnant, or septic. Love is always moving, morphing, the idea it is stagnant is complete rubbish. And septic, is even worse. This tank i speak of is full of the water of your own love, and has its very own water supply attached, that keeps topping it up anew, this water being the new elements of love that keep flowing in, changing the shape and consistency of the love already there. Because love is exactly that. Ever-changing. The tank idea holds absolutely true, but your stagnant septic theory is ridiculous and smacks of your stupidity. It's no wonder nobody reads the rubbish you write.

Whatever mate. Yeah so anyway i changed it.

If you missed the post you can have a dibble here.

Apparently it makes more sense now. Cheers pop.

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