Caveman Ish


That awkward moment when you start off a sentence with that awkward moment when...

And you meditatively raise the loaded shotty to your temple Kurt-style. 

But all your friends are like yeah totally i feel you buddy.

And then you wake up and realise it was all a dream like Biggie, and you write something mindless and click on a little square and post it for others to peruse from the hypnotic glow of a screen, so you can continue to try and control an opinion already set in stone about you without having any direct interaction with anybody. Without realising that life has become quite strange. That it's a whole load of blahblahblah. Do something real. Like nothing. Doing nothing is real. And when we're done listening to the sounds of the birds let's go paint shit on the walls of 18,000 year old caves.

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