These two are twins. They're 20 years old. They played Islington Assembly Hall last night.

One of the motherbitching coolest gigs i've ever been to. Being twins there seemed to be this nuts telepathy to everything they did, they were both so pretty, their dancing was so live, their voices were so in sync, singing in English and Yoruba, a dialect spoken by the slaves brought over to Cuba by the Spanish from their native Nigeria that the two of them grew up around, and this isn't hyperbole, the two of them laughing singing smiling and dancing together for an hour felt like a testament to humanity. It felt like they were two angels there on stage or something.

Check their shit out.

This is their famous single River.

And as if that wasn't enough, they've covered Jay Electricity.

For which you need skills.

If you want your head to explode, here's the original. Lyrics.

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