Help The Foolish Take 2

Respect. You're about to get balls deep in a slicker than your average JustGiving plea.

This Christmas and New Year, while you place a handful of chestnuts next to your thermostat...

Three questionable individuals

Will be risking life and limb to bumble 3,500km from the southern toe to the northern tip of  


On nothing more than a motorised bit of tin with a top speed of 50km/h.

Same whip these cats are rolling with, also known as a motherfucking rickshaw.

It's part of this thing called The Rickshaw Run. It started as the brainchild of Alfie, and more accurately a deep-seated fear in him to lay his balls on the line at least once before evaporating into middle age, who then got Nick on board, a rich man's Ray Mears, a man capable of fixing anything anywhere, the man in charge of keeping the piece of shit tin-shack on wheels in motion for the duration of the trip. And then i joined, with a view to documenting the odyssey ​on celluloid.

I think this is the first time my mother has been legitimately worried about my safety. I'm fucking bricking it, and that's coming from a self-styled Robinson Crusoe for the 'on-line' generation. 

Here's the disclaimer.

And the kind of thing we'll be up to:


We want to use this as an excuse to ask our friends and family to give us money for charity.

We want to raise one large, a grand, a cool K

Five hundred sheets will go towards a charity called Cool Earth, cos face it we live on the earth and it can be pretty cool. It's a charity which works alongside indigenous villages to halt against the destruction of rain forests. 

Rainforests are the dope. Without them a large part of us would have no valid gap year stories, there'd be no ayahuasca, and let's face it not including oceans or Kenya they pretty much keep David Attenborough in a job. Their destruction affects us all, releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere every year than all the world's transport put together. Keeping them intact is a massive talk to the hand to climate change. 

So yeah Cool Earth is a brilliant charity dedicated towards their preservation.

Here's their page.


The rest of the money you might give us, we would like to go in any way possible towards the refugees currently waging their way across Europe, in the face of sometimes hostile and unwelcoming borders and overwhelmed authorities, as winter sets and their situation becomes ever more difficult.

It is said that the worst of all poverty has nothing to do with money. It is having no control or determination over your own life

The kind that drives you out of your own country, at the mercy of a civil war. 

While we think of Christmas, and sending telescopes to old men on the Moon, there are tens of thousands of tired and hungry people on the march through Europe, fleeing everything they know, towards a complete unknown, in ever worsening weather conditions.

This is an excerpt from a poem written by one.

Home by Warsan Shire

No one leaves home unless
Home is the mouth of a shark
You only run for the border
When you see the whole city running as well
You have to understand,
That no one puts their children in a boat
Unless the water is safer than the land
No one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your ear
Run away from me now
I don't know what i’ve become
But i know that anywhere
Is safer than here.

Our justgiving page is here.

Please give whatever you see fit. Thank you very much.

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