It's A Fugazi

Some dude once came up to me and said bredda if your blog is called dropthebeatonit why the hell don't you put more tunes up. I laughed and self-effacingly protested the last thing the world needed was more Shania Twain thrust before them, knowing full well my predilection for flashdance mc hammer shit would go straight over the top of this guy's dome. But now and again i come across a tune that gives me a love i feel morally obliged to spread.

If you see a homeless-looking dude on the streets of Melbourne, Australia with an outstanding collection of adidas sweats, odds-on you'll be staring at Chet Faker.

This guy is the dope. A couple of weeks ago i posted a Nick Mulvey tune saying no man had given me this much boner since Jay Kay dropped Space Cowboy back in '98. But Chet is making me think weird thoughts. Where Mulvey would probably kick off the morning-after by bringing you a steaming mug of PG tips, Chet would wake you up on the blower to some other dude, and then bust out to meet him without so much as a softly-whispered adieu. Listen.

Live version is incredible.

The evidence is there. Chicks want him. Guys wanna be him.

Comments section is gold.

And the video for Gold.

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