'Out in the Rain', killer rainyday tune from Ramson Badbonez. 'Damn this season f*ck this ma hands are freezin i need to kick back to tha crib n relax with heating'. Bleurghh, winter is in the building.


  1. OR

    maybe i'll just go beatin down my girl's door
    for a night time meetin - get me outa this downpoor
    body heat is BEST
    sorts out numb feet... mmmm and the rest

    aw f*ck shame it's not on offer anymore
    always happens when i ignore her midnight calls
    but damn she's got BALLS to think she still gets to keep me
    when she means my phone's been bleepin and keepin me from sleepin

    (if she could quit stalkin my blogtalkin that'd be nice too)

  2. damn son this girl's got rhymin skills
    damn shame staying round hers gives me the chills
    cos that Crack Ho's too cheap to pay her heating bills
    her duvet's wacker than some soggy cardboard box
    n she'll sleep in 1 when she's done lost the lot
    so i can chill in peace n scratch my balls
    n laugh while police pay her some 'midnight calls'
    n my toes get warmed beside a cracklin flame
    n latino ladies take it in turns to cook for me and pleasure me and sit on my face