RIP Whitecross Coffee

The greatest of all independent little coffee stalls has died a tragic death. For the past five years (or something like that) through rain, sleet and snow, when it was so bitchin cold and dark outside you could blow water vapour smoke rings into the morning air and impress nobody, this little coffee stall on Whitecross Street EC1 was serving up its Mercurial cups of black elixir to the masses. Even after coffee got all popular and overpriced and goons were sprinkling a kilo of caramel shavings onto their vats of grande skinny soya whathefuckaccinos, you could still cop a lovingly made espresso here for 60p.

And yeah it always took over two minutes to even get noticed because these guys were damned busy entertaining each other with caffeine related anecodotes, but they always had a smile and some story for you (about coffee), and most crucially of all served up silky smooth creations that stayed in your memory all day. Now because of downsizing the artisans responsible for carving 'the Swan' out of steamed milk (see below and here) are being replaced by a bunch of monkeys who wouldn't know cappuccino foam from rabid dog sweat in a taste test if their lives depended on it.

This sucks, but all good things must come to an end. Jeremy the guy there said he'd be opening up an outlet on Leather Lane some time soon, so in the meantime let's all (the 3 people that read this) rejoice in what was, let's drive-by egg what is, and get all excited about what will soon come to pass.

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