Welcome To The World pt 2

Around seven months ago i posted this. And check the follow-up! This is so rad..

Yesterday was a momentous day. 

At 18.21 yesterday evening the below came out of the tummy of Mrs Angela Duplechain Beaton, wife of my main men Ben.

......a Mogwai!

No it didn't. 

At around half six yesterday evening, on the same date that Darwin published On The Origin Of The Species and Lee Harvey Oswald was shot live on tv in the basement of the Los Angeles Police Department, and sharing the same birthday as cricket legend Ian Botham...

Florence Elizabeth Faith Beaton opened her eyes onto the world.

I find it startling that something so pretty should be half-made up of Ben's genetic material, but very pretty she is. Let's all raise our Cappuccinos and later on many a friday afternoon beer to the new arrival and her awesome new parents.


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