City On Block Down

There i was in Pret the other day breaking my balls to come up with something fresh and amusing for you people, compromising my artistic integrity by spending 20 minutes signing up to some bogus internet server like 02 wifi. Anyway 5 cappuccinos later i finally get online to be greeted with this:

Yet one more case of Big Brother smashing you across the temple with a crane manoeuvre. I mean what right do 02 have to block me access to my own blog? This is hardly some Julian Assange shit.

Hocking cappuccino froth from the depths of my lungs, i manage to reign in my incredulity and compose myself just enough to run through the small print one more time.

I mean in what world, by what rig-.... Hey. I'll take it.

S h i t  i s  g a n g s t a

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