Levi's The Kids Alone

The next time i see this advert i swear to God i'm walking out of the cinema.

This is a pair of Levi’s

Buttons and rivets and pockets and cuffs

In what universe could this add up to £120

Because it does, it does, it is magnificent

Because you're a hero

It’s the thread in your seams that’s tied to your dreams that’s leaking the coke through a hole in your pocket

It’s the hollow tapping of the cavernous emptiness inside your mind that keeps the beat

While you run around to moronic spoken word

When the road gets rough and the sky gets jumpy and the coke is all gone cos the sweat shop kids got tired

You’re gonna be great, you’re gonna be great, you’re gonna be great again when the dealer picks up his phone

You follow your heart, you look over people’s shoulders, you're a king, you're a queen

Are you joking, are you breaking, are you shaking?

I’m shaking

Please tell me you’re joking

It’s a pair of jeans


This is a pair of Levi’s

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