Putus Rex

Who could this be?

That's right friends.

This is none other than Don Julio el Putarelli of Putoville.

His favourite tree is the Putocalyptus, his favourite hot drink an extra large mug of Putaccino With Chocolate Sprinkles. Soya milk with that sir? Go get puto'dDon Julio divides his time pretty evenly between his garden and his drawing board. An interior-designer par excellence by week, a pro-league horticulturist by weekend. And by night i hear you chime? Ladies and gents... he's a dubsmasher

It's the sheer range of his repertoire that is so staggering. Strap in and he'll take you on a musical journey that will mark your mind for keeps. The stuff of dreams, a paradise on earth, an elysium for the ears. And throughout it all, the certainty that Don Julio's priority lies always with you, the listener. That's just him. Don Julio el Putarelli of Putoville. One of a kind.

Some recent highlights:

Like A Record



Sabor de Cuba

Get The Kleenex

Mo-town flex

Ms Fat Booty

Smoochy Time

Even Biggie wrote a tune about him.

Nuff said motherfuckers.

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